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I have been working work with clients at a distance for over fifteen years via secure video calls or telephone. During these extraordinary times this is something that is being offered by many practitioners. In addition to my earlier training, I have found an effective and powerful way to offer my Craniosacral Therapy remotely. Clients are raving about the results! In addition to CST, I am offering:

-Work around men's issues and male socialization: for those who want to unpack male privilege and/or are questioning/exploring gender identity
-Shamanic journeying, soul retrieval and visualization
-Coherence Therapy to re-program the parts of the brain that hold the imprints of past traumatic experiences (implicit/unconscious memory)
-Depth Empathy that allows clients to feel deeply understood and cared for, uses relational neuroscience to re-pattern areas of the brain that we use for decision-making, self-evaluation and creativity, transforming shame and negative self-talk

Each session is tailored to meet your specific needs, so expect to be listened to deeply and tracked over time.
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Remote Healing-How it Works

Doing distance work at this time is necessary, and luckily, it's simple and comfortable. I use HIPPA-compliant encrypted software that protects sensitive info. Clients can be laying down on a couch, bed or comfortable chair during our entire session. We check in with what's present in terms of stress, pain or discomfort, and tailor each session to the moment's needs.

I can sense by proxy what's happening in each person's body and nervous system, and use the same techniques I would in an in-person session, such as helping each client deeply relax, release stress and pain and access healing for their entire body. I hold the Biodynamic rhythms that are accessed in craniosacral work just as I would if I were holding a client's head, feet or heart, and allow them to shift out of anxiety, worry or panic into a comforting state of well-being and presence.
Picture of different hands forming a circle

COVID-19 and Fear

With the outbreak of COVID-19 most health practitioners are figuring out how to keep supporting their clients remotely. Due to the rising fears and global scale of the pandemic, a felt sense of panic is impacting nearly everyone. I want to reassure everyone that I have been offering distance work for 15 years, and am skilled and comfortable with it, having had great results. I also want to reassure us that we will get through this, a day at a time, and that to reach out for healing support right now could be a vital step in staying resourced and outlasting the crisis.

Humanity has historically banded together when times are dire and we are fortunate to have such connection through the internet. I invite you to reach out for a conversation and to see how my healing work can help you stay calm and well during a time of great uncertainty.

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