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Beyond Supremacy Culture

I offer deep and transformative work to people who want to unpack social identity and heal the places that have been hurt by learning to be obedient, or to fit into a stereotype of masculinity or femininity. Through coaching and skill-building, I help people discover their autonomy and come to a deep sense of self-worth, while supporting them in finding their right relationship with the world. I help many people who were assigned male at birth to show up as protectors, allies and pillars in their communities, transcending the domination and toxic masculinity that come with that gender role.

I can tailor my work to your individual situation and longings, and work with you either short- or long-term to become a more full version of yourself.
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How it Works

Wherever you are in your journey and story, I meet you with the highest regard and respect for your experience. We begin by holding and exploring the stories and experiences that shaped you and explore the places where you feel stuck, disempowered or ashamed. We explore generational patterns, gender roles in family-of-origin, school socialization and friendships. Over time, we use a variety of tools and techniques to heal what's been lost and re-create a more rich emotional landscape, which leads to discovering your deepest longings for the world and your place in it.

One of my favorite phrases: More You Is Better. We are sovereign, but always in relationship with others and the world. Healing the idea that we're on our own, in competition for resources, etc, is life-changing and transformative work.

My Experience

I was born in Romania and socialized there as a boy through the age of four. I came to New York City not speaking English, landing in the rich diversity of Queens. Race and gender differences were strongly highlighted, along with the overt homophobia of the early 80s.

Like many boys, it felt safer to suppress my sensitivity, tenderness and longing for closeness with other boys, though a part of me resisted. When I pressed male friends for deeper closeness, I was often met with bullying and homophobia. Thanks to mentorship by some really great older men, I began over the years to value the full range of myself and my broad emotional experience. I persisted, and it paid off.

Today I try to be a support and protector, a loving father and upright member of my community. I love supporting people in discovering themselves, offering a safe space for them to be honest and brave, to explore things like non-binary identity, and whatever is most alive for them.

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