Embodying the Sacred Masculine

Power & Responsibility

What This Is: A small group of five participants, offering and receiving support from myself and each other to investigate masculinity: what it is, what it isn't, what we've learned and what we want to un-learn. This will be deeply personal to each person. Power without regard for impact can be destructive and unsustainable, and Responsibility without clear purpose can collapse in on itself; thus, we will keep returning to this question:

How do you want to hold Power, and to what/whom will you be Responsible?

The program will be 10 sessions, meeting every other Saturday from 10-11:45 am, beginning May 20.
If there is enough interest, every other Wednesday from 1-2:45 pm, beginning May 17.

Cost: $400

How it Works

Using the Person-Centered Approach, wherein each participant's life is the curriculum, we'll unpack male-ness and masculinity through discussion, writing exercises, meditative inquiry and other practices that help to heal, clarify and focus us on what is most essential to our development, bearing in mind that one day we may become elders in our communities. I will practice deep listening, empathy, encouragement and unconditional positive regard for each participant as they explore these topics.

Why I'm Doing This

I was born in Romania and socialized there as a boy through the age of four. I came to New York City not speaking English, landing in the rich diversity of Queens. Race and gender differences were strongly highlighted, along with the overt homophobia of the early 80s.

I have long sought for intimate, supportive relationships with other men. It's been a mixed bag, to say the least. I know that men often suffer in loneliness, cut off from their feelings and struggling under the pressures of modern life. I want to disrupt the homophobia and toxic masculinity that prevent closeness between myself and other men. I want to encourage tenderness, vulnerability and sincerity while having fun and belly-laughing. I want to build long-term friendships and support networks for men who want to protect and serve the world, while creating a community that helps us to show up as our best selves.

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