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My Mission

My passion and life’s work is to facilitate personal healing and growth in the context of collective, societal transformation. I explore the dynamic tension between autonomy and interdependence, the dance of being sovereign while in relationship to others and the world. I teach and hold people in the context of their lives, their families and the society that shapes them, within my vision for a more just and free world.

I approach each client and coaching relationship from a place of loving and grounded presence, holding a healing space that is trauma-informed and sensitive to race, gender, sexual identity, body ability and class status. This is my offering: to meet you where you are help you find your most alive, empowered self.
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Training and Certification

I've been fortunate to learn from some truly amazing teachers over the past 15 years. I practice Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, Remote Healing and offer Coaching and Empowerment Work to youth and adults. I weave a variety of somatic, trauma-informed techniques into my work and study healing justice principles. I've studied Interpersonal Neurobiology and Coherence Therapy, am a master Reiki trainer and 700-hour Certified Yoga Instructor. I have facilitated group classes, retreats and workshops for over a decade.
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About Me

I use he/him pronouns. I am an immigrant from Romania with Greek and Romanian heritage who came here at age 4. I am a parent and an activist, striving to hold my social position with respect and trying to put it to good use. I identify as white, male-presenting, able-bodied, healthy, tall, thin, with a middle class, college-educated upbringing. Like many Europeans, I speak a multitude of languages. What's important today is that I see how many of our social norms are oppressive and disempowering, so I work to help folks dismantle the conditioning that is not actually working for them.

I discovered somatic therapy, healing and empowerment work because the socialization I went through as a young person was unsatisfying. I learned early in life that to really be myself was unacceptable and sometimes dangerous. As an immigrant I learned how to integrate myself into social systems in order to have a sense of belonging, while questioning their validity.

I was an active Episcopalian until age 16 and studied philosophy at a social justice-oriented college. I was lucky to have a number of older men who mentored me along the way-their steady patience and encouragement supports me to this day and inspires the work I do with young people. I continue to learn and grow in my ways of relating with others and the many inhabitants of our planet, which I see in a state of deepening threat.
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My Philosophy

The healthier and more truly myself I've become, the more I've been able to take in the many forms of injustice and imbalance that are taking place across the globe. I realize that I have a unique ability to reach certain people, and use that reach to help shift the world. I am passionate about bringing more awareness and accessibility into the field of the healing arts, parenting and youth mentorship. I offer low-cost sessions to people who need them, and prioritize low-cost sessions for BIPOC, LGBTQ+ and disabled community members.

When/How I Work

I am seeing clients in person in Portland on Sundays and Mondays, and in person in Hood River on Thursday, Friday and when available, Sunday/Monday. I offer remote work any of those days.

Remote Craniosacral Therapy, Telehealth, Distance Healing and Coaching happen either on video (from a link I can send you) or via telephone, 5 days per week. You can be in bed, on a couch or comfortable chair, or lying down. We stay in verbal communication throughout the session and I sense by proxy what is happening in your tissues, nerves and fluids, helping you to access deep relaxation, release stress and process grief, trauma and more. There are huge benefits to getting to receive work in your own home, especially if travel is difficult or feels unsafe during these times.
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Professional, gentle, intuitive, highly-attuned: these are just a few words that come to mind when I consider the craniosacral, distance healing and mentorship sessions I've had with Barbu throughout the last decade. Through his work I've experienced many positive physiological, energetic and emotional shifts, along with a heightened sense of awareness following his sessions—I couldn't recommend him more highly!
"Barbu is a wise and compassionate listener and practitioner. He works from his home office and the space is warm and inviting, I’ve had several sessions and look forward to returning. Most recently, this work has helped me recover from a concussion caused by a serious car accident. Since the COVID-19 crisis I have been working with Barbu at a distance and it's been as good as in person. I am very grateful and feel amazing!"

During our session, Barbu gently took me to a place of utter and profound deep relaxation explaining what he sensed as we went. I felt held and healed. The issue with my hip has not bothered me since. There's more body awareness after our session and more choice on whether or not to tighten around the sensation, or to gently feel it, experience it and let it go.


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