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"My deepest gratitude to Barbu and his work. I came to him suffering from insomnia, anxiety and depression, and since receiving distance Cranioisacral from him I feel amazing! Barbu can sense what is happening in my body and has helped me release tension patterns that I thought were permanent, while also holding space for my grief and trauma to heal."
"Barbu is the real deal—a kind soul and a powerful healer, and one of the most present and purposeful humans I’ve ever met. I tell anyone that’s important to me about him. After 10+ years of practice at studios across the country, he’s my hands-down favorite yoga teacher of all time, and his cranial work totally blew me away. I felt supremely calm and at peace beyond words, and look forward to my next session with him."

"As a bit of a fitness nut I’m prone to over-training and my pain shows up in my neck and shoulders. I have tried many different healing modalities (massage, physical therapy, etc), but only once I started to work with Barbu did I begin experiencing real relief. His gentle approach helps my nervous system calm down so real healing can happen. He’s truly a master healer. His work is invaluable and has enhanced my overall sense of health and well being. Thank you Barbu!"



Welcome! I am an experienced holistic health practitioner, mentor and teacher. I've been providing a warm space for people to heal and do their developmental work for over fifteen years-a space that can hold the complexities of social identity, age, genetics and the many forms of trauma that impact us all. I taylor my mentorship and Craniosacral Therapy/Telehealth work to each person and their uniqueness. This includes pricing and giving priority for discounted work to people whose lives are impacted by cultural and systemic unfairness.

I believe that each of us develop strategies to survive this world, based on the ways that we're impacted by our environments, genetics and social identities. Many of these strategies become outdated as we age, so I meet each person with the deepest regard, working with them over time to create new habits of empowerment and discernment about the choices they are making day to day, while healing the trauma and loss that prevents that change.
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The Craniosacral Therapy/ Telehealth and Empowerment Work/Mentorship I do is incredibly versatile and helps people heal from a wide range of issues and ailments, gently and steadily. By building trust with my clients and deeply listening to them and to what's happening in their lives, I'm able to help them pinpoint what they're actually wanting, how they're going after it, and whether or not their strategies are working. I have found that when folks look at their responsibility, power and choices, many other things (including health) begin to clear up. My work treats and supports:

-Anxiety, insomnia and restlessness
-Depression and exhaustion
-Motor vehicle accidents and their impacts
-Concussions, Traumatic Brain Injury and whiplash
-Chronic pain in the neck, back and joints
-Irritable Bowel Syndrome and digestive issues
-Addiction and alcohol misuse disorder
-Fibromyalgia and other inflammation/auto-immune concerns
-Healing from surgery or preparing for surgery
-TMJ issues, headaches and migraines
-Emotional trauma, sexual abuse and PTSD
-Familial and generational patterns

Barbu in his healing space performing BCST on a female clientBarbu supporting a client
Experiencing a state of deep peace while releasing anxiety and stress
Improving your immune system, digestion and sleep patterns
Feeling a sense of hope and possibility within the current uncertainty
Transforming old coping strategies into real empowerment
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Pricing Accessibility & Inclusivity

I have been an activist for many years and care deeply about social injustices. I believe that excellent healthcare should be available to everyone, everywhere, and am opposed to price-gouging for basic services like touch, caring attention and deep listening. To that end, I am offering a sliding scale that can allow accesss for everyone. I have received training in how to hold and treat BIPOC, LGBTQ+ and other-abled bodies, and continue to learn.

During COVID-19 I have been offering a sliding scale of $80-120 per session, but will go lower to meet people where they are able to pay. At the same time, I have trained for thousands of hours to become excellent at my crafts, and encourage folks who can to pay my full rate so I can continue to offer discounted work to those who can't.

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"I was experiencing almost total hearing loss related to a severe flu. Within hours of treatment by Barbu my hearing was back and over the weekly visits it has improved to be better than it has been for years. My overall well being has improved beyond what I would have envisioned including reduction in allergies, improved bowel function, higher energy and mental peace. Barbu is an extraordinary practitioner and as effective in his healing at a distance as in person."

"Craniosacral Therapy was new to me and I embraced it with an open mind knowing I could trust Barbu as a healer. Being able to relax fully and have him guide me through breathing and visualization has helped me to release tension held within my body. I’ve also felt the trauma from past experiences release during these sessions. For days afterwards I have a deep sense of being centered with a clearer mind. I highly recommend Barbu and am thankful he shares his gift of being a healer."

"Barbu started craniosacral therapy with me a few months ago. He is a trusted, kind, and gentle professional therapist. Whereas my cognitive therapy was based on verbal communication, craniosacral sessions are more experiential. I can feel past stressors, not so much as thoughts but as a presence in my body. With Barbu’s brief suggestions and using his techniques, we are able to locate past and present stress areas in my body and release them. I always feel incredible afterwards."


Remote & In-Person Craniosacral Therapy

I've trained with one of the world's best teachers to become a highly skilled Craniosacral Therapist. My work soothes and optimizes the functioning of the nervous system, allowing the whole body to relax, soften and work at its highest potential. CST allows clients to feel supported and connected to something greater than themselves, when otherwise they might feel alone, isolated and panicked. CST can shift the way that bones and tissues are connected into better alignment, releasing the unwanted stress that can come from misalignment and nerve impingement.

I help clients heal from mild to severe Traumatic Brain Injuries and Post-Concussion Syndrome. I help people coming out of motor vehicle accidents. I support many therapists and front-line medical professionals. I help seniors thrive in retirement, maintaining good spinal health, improving digestion and having better sleep and immune systems. I help working folks reduce the tensions of long days and stressful jobs. I work with Autism-spectrum and vaccine-injured children and their parents, helping them with developmental challenges, complicated birth processes and more. Craniosacral therapy is so incredibly versatile that it can help anyone live a better life! Click below to find out more.

Distance Healing & Empowerment

In addition to seeing people in person, I am also working with clients via secure video or phone. Alongside the Craniosacral Therapy I offer, I can help clients repattern their brain activity to resolve old traumas, heal from addiction, anxiety and depression and create new behavioral patterns. By helping clients get to what they are really wanting and what is really true for them, I am able to help them discern more clearly the decisions they have made to get there-this, over time, leads to change and new patterns.

I've developed techniques to make my sessions as effective at a distance as they are in person. Remote healing is wonderful in that it allows clients to be treated in the comfort of their homes, sitting or lying down. This is something I've been offering for years for folks who have had difficulty traveling or finding hours that would allow them to receive treatment, or who just want to work with me but live in a different part of the country. During the current crisis and physical distancing, this an offering that more and more health practitioners are exploring, and I am thrilled to say that I've had proven results with it for 15 years.

Online Yoga and Meditation

I have been teaching group yoga and meditation classes, workshops and retreats for over 10 years. During the COVID-19 outbreak I will be offering by-donation online meditation and yoga gatherings using Zoom. Links are listed here:

Online Meditation - Some Saturdays 5pm Pacific:
Password: 030137
Online Yoga/Aligned Movement - Some Sundays 4pm Pacific:
Password: 212816

To get more info please use my contact form, and I will let you know the date of our next gathering. To make a donation (suggested $5-15):
Venmo- @Barbu-Panaitescu

I want to acknowledge that both yoga and meditation have been culturally appropriated from Southeast Asia, commercialized and institutionalized the world over. I am striving to find ways to be in integrity with the teachings and practices that have helped me so much while exploring scholarship around the roots of these practices. I want to acknowledge Sheena Sood and UC Berkeley's Race and Yoga series for exploring these complexities in a fresh way, and for helping me broaden my understanding.

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