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Barbu and I worked together for nearly a year, during which time I experienced a profound transformation in my emotional state. I was struggling with anxiety and on a number of medications. Through weekly treatments which eventually became bi-monthly, I was able to wean off a number of medications and feel much more relaxed and focused at work. The work we did was truly incredible and I'd recommend Barbu to everyone!

Barbu is a gifted and dedicated healer. After the only session I was able to have with him before he moved to Oregon, I felt better than I had in years. He is a true teacher and explained the process and technique thoroughly before and during the treatment. I'm very grateful to have been able to work with him! And that he recommended another therapist to work with in his absence. Thank you, Barbu! Craniosacral therapy continues to help me heal mentally and physically from a battery of stress-related maladies.

"Barbu started craniosacral therapy with me a few months ago. He is a trusted, kind, and gentle professional therapist. Whereas my cognitive therapy was based on verbal communication, craniosacral sessions are more experiential. I can feel past stressors, not so much as thoughts but as a presence in my body. With Barbu’s brief suggestions and using his techniques, we are able to locate past and present stress areas in my body and release them. I always feel incredible afterwards."


Remote Craniosacral Therapy

In addition to in-person work I have been practicing various forms of distance healing for 15 years. Remote Craniosacral Therapy works amazingly well as a Telehealth modality. Since the form of CST I practice involves no manipulation of the body, just deep listening to its internal rhythms and the activation of its intrinsic healing forces, this allows it to work incredibly well at a distance. Like the Cherokee and Shawnee bone-setting from which it evolved, CST reminds the body of its wholeness and reconnects it to universal healing forces/principles impacting the cerebral spinal fluid, lymph and central nervous system. It impacts the brain stem and Vagus nerve, shifting the body out of activation/fight-flight or collapse/freeze, which allows all the parts to work better as a whole. This results in improved immune system function, organ function, sexual energy, memory and thinking processes. The more that my clients experience the balance that comes from craniosacral therapy, the more stable and energized they become.
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Distance Healing

Along with Remote Craniosacral Therapy I use a variety of other somatic healing techniques to help clients heal:

-Journeying, active visualization and inner parts/child work
-Coherence Therapy that re-programs the parts of the brain that hold the imprints of past traumatic experiences (impicit/unconscious memory)
-Depth Empathy that uses relational neuroscience to re-pattern areas of the brain that we use for decision-making, self-evaluation and creativity-shifting the voices of shame and negative self-talk

Before practicing CST I trained for six years in Quechua (ancient Peruvian Inca) healing techniques, many of which are still widely practiced and taught. I have moved away from the cultural appropriation of that tradition and into neuroscience/evidence-based healing techniques, but there is a lot of overlap. This is deep healing work that is gentle, yet gets to the roots of behavioral patterns, addiction and survival strategies that we have sometimes used our entire lives to feel better. It frees up our creativity and empowers us to be our authentic selves.
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-Emotional, mental and physical support during the COVID-19 crisis
-Healing from concussions and Traumatic Brain Injury
-Healing from motor vehicle accidents
-Support for Autism-spectrum children
-Support for racial and gender trauma
-Relief from chronic pain in the neck, lower back and joints
-Relief from Irritable Bowel Syndrome and digestive issues
-Healing from anxiety, insomnia and restlessness
-Shifting out of depression, exhaustion, lack of purpose
-Healing from whiplash, neck and head injuries
-Reduced inflammation and auto-immune concerns
-Healing from surgery or preparing for surgery
-Relief from TMJ issues, headaches and migraines
-Healing from racial trauma, sexual abuse and PTSD

Expect to be deeply listened to, cared for and respected. Expect to go at a gentle, comfortable pace, never being pushed into something that's overly distressing or that you're not comfortable with. Expect to be checked in with throughout the session and followed up with after and in consecutive treatments. Expect to have your healing tracked closely, session by session.

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